2017’s Top Rated Golf Irons For Men

Titleist 716 AP2

2017’s Top Rated Irons for Men 

Whether you’re a golf beginner, expert, or simply buying a gift for a golf lover, we’ve found the top 5 irons of 2017 so that you don’t have to.



Titleist 716 AP2

Price: $1,200

Buy it here: Titleist 716 AP2

This Titleist club is great because it provides consistency and reliability while still providing forgiveness. There is Tungsten in the heel and toe that aids in stabilizing the player during mishits. Even your bad shots won’t be that bad with this club. Often times clubs that are forgiving don’t have satisfying distance even when you hit it right in the sweet spot. This club can truly benefit any level of player. 



Ping iBlade

Price: $1,200

Buy it here: Ping iBlade

Ping has created a soft club. Customers rave about how this club swings so easily that it just feels like an extension of your own arms. Distance and height isn’t a problem because the face of this club is fairly thin compared to other irons. Weight is added into the toe so that each swing feels natural. An added plus is that the sleek club design is also aesthetically pleasing.



Wilson FG Tour V6

Price: $1,000

Buy it here: Wilson FG Tour VG

Wilson created these clubs with accuracy in mind. The clubs are weighted, which gives you extra forgiveness for those off hits. Due to the extra stability, each shot is precise and predictable. This club truly allows you to shape shots in ways that may seem impossible. It also helps that the club has a clean head design.



TaylorMade M2 (2017)

Price: $799.99

Buy it here: TaylorMade M2 (2017)

TaylorMade’s M2 was made with distance, forgiveness, and height in mind. Whether you hit great shots 90% of the time or 30% of the time, you’ll see improvement in your shots. Current users rave about the satisfying sound of a perfect shot with this club. Unique face slots help ensure that your ball will maintain speed. This iron helps create more consistency with each shot, so that your plays are more predictable.



Callaway Apex Pro 16

Price: $1,199.99

If you struggle with distance, look no further. This club is crafter with carbon-steel, and has a very streamlined design. Weight is added to optimize each iron with the right trajectory and pop. The club is popular for its unique combination of a smoothness and distance.

Where to buy: Callaway Apex Pro 16