iPhone X: Is it worth the price?

Apple iPhone X

iPhone X, is it really worth the price?

There are a few cool aspects about the iPhone X, but it’s hard to say whether or not it’s really worth $999.

Pros: The iPhone X features face ID, which is supposedly 20x more secure than Touch ID. Apple did an excellent job of ensuring that you can unlock your phone in poor lighting.  Unlocking with makeup on, with a hat on, or from unique angles is another plus. Most other phone companies that have rolled out software similar to Face ID have not been as effective. The screen is 5.8 inches, and features OLED technology. While an OLED display seems to be the biggest plus of purchasing this phone, it’s important to note that Samsung has been using OLED screens on their phones since 2010. Another huge pro to having the iPhone X is portrait mode. Some people have purchased the phone simply due to the camera improvement.

Apple iPhone X




Portrait Mode, photo credit: apple.com

Cons: Users will have to adapt to the new method of unlocking their phone and switching between apps. However, most people have said that the switch is pretty easy if you are already used to Apple phones. Some have complained that although the screen is large, it is obnoxious to have the notch blocking the view of videos. Additionally, with a new screen size, it will take apps a while to adapt to the change in screen size. As of right now, many apps have not reformulated to the iPhone X. Many apps look blurry and have a large black bar at the top and bottom of the screen. 

Apple iPhone X





photo credit: apple.com

Conclusion: $999 is a lot of money to pay, but if you love exploring new technology, it’s worth it! The price can be justified if you would enjoy a nicer camera and new technology, but this phone won’t be worth it to some people. Just like how the Tesla Model S will appeal to those who value speed, but not those who simply want an eco-friendly car.  If the iPhone interests you, but worry about the price, I recommend waiting until there is a fix for all bugs and software errors.