Daisy Marie: Have Your Cake & Eat It Too.

Daisy Marie

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?  Meet Daisy Marie.  This adult film superstar has a list of credits a mile long including 10 AVN nominations to her name as well as a recent induction to the AVN Hall of Fame.  She’s seductively sexy, confident and genuine.  It’s easy to get lost in her eyes or other obvious physical attributes as we obviously have, but getting to know her was equally as impressive.  Daisy has a natural creative vibe about her with a passion for custom design ranging from elaborate events and parties to storefronts and interior design.  It’s this devotion that led her to become the CEO and owner of Flare Decor LA.  Our interview turned into a conversation about sex, love, lust, business and success in a world where it’s easy to get distracted and lost. 

photos courtesy of Daisy Marie

The Guy Review: What’s it like working in the adult film industry?  Do you thoroughly enjoy it or is it more like a job?

Daisy: ” I love working in the industry.  It’s fun being able to explore my sexuality.  I honestly love being watched and performing for the camera. ” 

The Guy Review: Who are your favorite male or female performers to work with? 

Daisy: “I don’t really have a favorite male performer.  My favorite female performers that I have worked with in the past are Sunny Leone, Jenna Jameson, Yurizan Beltran, Kaylani Lei and the list goes on and on.” 

The Guy Review:  You cam on occasion right?  Where can your fans find you and say hello?

Daisy: “Cam Soda, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 pm or 8-10 pm PST.  Fans can also live text me via chatstar.com/daisy_marie. “

The Guy Review: You mentioned giving back to the community and especially young mothers who may need help.  Please explain. 

Daisy: “I support and donate to the Brown Paper Bag Movement as well as other charities such as the Joyful Heart Foundation, which helps victims of domestic violence. In general, I love supporting charities and foundations that give back to everyone especially women and children.  No one deserves to live their lives in fear and pain.”  

The Guy Review:  Tell us about your design business.

Daisy:  “I own and operate a custom interior design company called Flare Decor LA.  We focus mostly on storefront retail design and creative events such as custom hand crafted decorating for parties and other events.  Our website will be up soon. 

The Guy Review:  Impressive, you can decorate my house anytime LOL

The Guy Review:  What kind of advice can you give to someone who wants to break into the adult film industry?

Daisy:  “Think about your future 10-15 years ahead of time.  Once in the industry you’ll always be labeled as an adult performer.  Subsequently, it’s hard to go mainstream after porn.  I would advise someone to only do it after a long thought process and only if that person wants to pursue it as a full time and long career.”  

The Guy Review:  Since we’re on the topic LOL what’s the craziest thing you have seen or were involved in on set? 

Daisy: ” I’ve seen and or done everything within reason; no donkey shows here. HAHAHA.  I’ve never been in a situation that I didn’t want to be in or feel pressured.  With that being said, the craziest “event” would probably be when someone had me throwing food at him while he jacked off.  I mean to each his/her own, but I will admit I was kind of bummed for wasting food. LOL “

The Guy Review:  What’s your favorite position? 

Daisy: “I like being in control so definitely on top.  Cowgirl is definitely my favorite.”

The Guy Review:  What’s one piece of advice you can give to men about women?  I don’t know about the rest of the guys out there, but sometimes I’m clueless.

Daisy: “Guys try to figure out women too much.  Women aren’t easy to figure out so just roll with the punches.  We’re not meant to be figured out and while it can be frustrating respectful interaction with women is a must no matter what.”

The Guy Review:  You seem to combine sex and business in a unique way, balancing the fantasy of entertainment with the reality of business and life.  How do you find that perfect equilibrium?  Even as we speak right now LOL it’s hard for us in more ways than one to think about business and not think about Sex.

Daisy: “My world is a fantasy, but it’s also a business.  Sex is a temporary act and feeling, but business equals reality and money.  Both, sex and monetary income are necessities of life, so it’s a natural integration for me because I enjoy both.”  

The Guy Review:  Rumor has it you are setting up a fan page soon where fans can purchase exclusive items and content.  Is this true?

Daisy:  “Yes, I have an official website coming soon where fans can get exclusive and personal content not found anywhere else.  We’ll be up and live in 2018.  

The Guy Review:  Well thanks for stopping by Daisy.  You’ve definitely opened our eyes in more ways than one.

Daisy: “Thanks!  Stay sexy and business savvy my friends. Love and lust don’t pay the bills.”

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I seriously can’t think of a better combination than Daisy.  She’s gorgeous and sexually expressive, which is code for “stimulating” and she has goals, dreams and aspirations with the work ethic and generosity to back it up.  On a more lighthearted note, ladies and gentlemen you need to see her incredible booty… I mean body, well both LOL.  To us she’s the best of both worlds – sexy and smart.  Stay tuned for more.  I have a feeling we will all hear and see more from the incomparable Daisy Marie soon.  

-The Guy Review-