Sierra: Midwestern Beauty Meets Stunning City Girl


Just when I thought I’ve seen it all I ran into an unexpected surprise.  Today we’re sitting down with the alluring and gorgeous Sierra.  She strikes me as shy yet seductive; quiet yet bold with the body of a goddess and a persona as vibrant as her beautiful blonde hair. 

The Guy Review:  Hi Sierra, thanks for sitting down with us today.  So, tell us about yourself – Where are you from?

Sierra: “I was born and raised in Rapid City South Dakota with a population of around 70,000 and two high schools, but I currently live in Vegas.”

The Guy Review: Wow, South Dakota to Vegas.  That’s quite the change in atmosphere. OK ladies and gentlemen there you have it.  Sierra is living proof that beauty comes from literally everywhere. 

The Guy Review:  Sierra has physical gifts, ASSets or whatever you want to call them for days.  This 5-7 South Dakotian LOL is that right? ….is as captivating as she is charismatic. 

The Guy Review:  Let me get the elephant in the room out of the way.  Are you single?

Sierra: “Yes”

The Guy Review:  You have no idea right now how hard it is… curb my enthusiasm LOL.

The Guy Review:  So, what do you like to do for fun?

Sierra: “I’m a homebody at heart to tell you the truth.  Netflix and chill or reality tv is a perfect night for me although I also love to travel and see new things, meet new and interesting people etc.”

The Guy Review:  Nice.  Where have you been?

Sierra: “I just started traveling recently, but I’ve been to the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Mexico and Turks and Caicos.” 

The Guy Review:  What are your favorite movies and TV shows?

Sierra: “I love reality TV, Breaking Bad as well as movies that can make me laugh along with chick flicks are my favorites.”

The Guy Review:  What about other kinds of movies like the adult variety?  LOL

Sierra: “Maybe, wink”.

The Guy Review:  Do you have any causes and or charities that you support? 

Sierra: “Yeah, so Autism is something that affects me personally.  My younger brother has Autism, so I see first-hand how hard it is on him as well as our family.”

The Guy Review:  Definitely challenging, but in ways it can help bring a family closer together How can people help bring more awareness and support to those who need it? 

Sierra: “Nationally, the autism society has plenty of resources for those affected by autism spectrum disorder.  There are many others such as and the national institute of mental health.  Locally, the University of South Dakota has a research center and clinic dedicated for autism support and care.  I think more awareness needs to be brought to the attention of everyone as about 3.5 million people have autism in the United States alone.”

The Guy Review:  That’s true.  Everyone has heard of autism, but I had no idea it affects so many people. 

The Guy Review:  So, what’s your definition of the ideal guy?

Sierra: “Hmmmm, the ideal guy would be attractive and tall since I’m pretty tall.  Equally if not more important would be his listening skills and priorities.  There are so many guys out there who either don’t listen, talk about themselves all day or only make a relationship a priority when it’s convenient.”

The Guy Review:  What about deal breakers or turn offs?

Sierra: “My biggest pet peeves are liars and disrespectful people along with cockiness.”

The Guy Review:  I feel you.  I don’t see how anyone thinks that being a dickhead will get them anywhere.

The Guy Review:  You have pets, right?  Are you a dog person or a cat person? 

Sierra: “ Yes,I do.  I’m definitely a cat person.  My cat’s name is Pickles”

The Guy Review:  Cats? OoOoOo I can’t do cats.  I’m allergic to pussy. LOL j/k.

Sierra: “LOL, your loss.”

The Guy Review:  Tell us a couple things about you other than your obvious jaw dropping beauty.

Sierra:” LOL, what do you want to know?  Let’s see, I was born and raised Christian.  It’s a little harder out here in Vegas, but I still go to Church.  I enjoy all types of music from EDM to country to rap and everything in between.”

The Guy Review:  Any last words of advice for men looking to introduce themselves to irresistible women such as yourself? 

Sierra: “For better or worse just be yourself.  If you’re an asshole, then be an asshole.  If you’re a gentleman, then be a gentleman.  Either way don’t front.  Most women can see straight through the bullshit.”

The Guy Review: Good advice Sierra.   Thanks for meeting with us.  You’re stunningly impressive in more ways than one.

Sierra:  “Thank you … now time to grab some drinks!”

The Guy Review:  You read my mind LOL

Sierra is the perfect blend of mid-western beauty and stunning city girl.  She’s an easy to get along with woman, although I get the feeling that pissing her off isn’t a good idea.  She confirmed my suspicions when she told me a story of how she haymaker’d a guy because he was acting a fool.  Charismatic and friendly, Sierra is exactly what most guys want, someone who will watch a football game with us and a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets. 

For anyone heading to Las Vegas this spring or summer, send us a message and we’ll hook your group up with a cabana VIP package at Marquee day club where Sierra works. 

-The Guy Review-