Love or Lust: Rashel Piazza


Love or Lust:  Rashel Piazza

As a man, how do we keep the “spark” alive in a relationship?  Interchanging love and lust is a taboo subject for many.  When we are single, we often choose lust over all emotional attachment.  When we involve ourselves in a serious relationship it often reverts to love or some combination of love and lust.  Over a long period of time lust can sometimes completely leave a relationship.  Today we sat down with Maxim cover model Rashel Piazza as we discuss love, lust and how to evenly distribute them in harmony.  Eddie Murphy said it best -“I like to fuck someone I’m in love with, but I ain’t making love.  Think about it, when you get into bed would you rather have somebody say make love to me or grab the back of your head and say fuck the shit outta me.”

The Guy Review:  Hi Rashel.  What’s your view on love and lust?  Some people believe that love is reserved for serious relationships while lust is for dating.  What’s your take?

Rashel: “I believe that love and lust can be one or the other with someone you are spending time with but I absolutely believe that you can have both as well. Of course, I’m speaking from experience. I’ve been in relationships with Men and loved them strictly for their personality or just because I felt we connected on a mental and psychological level. I wasn’t necessarily physically attracted to them. This is actually a scenario I’ve been through more than anything. I’ve also been with Men that I mainly had lust for. These ended up becoming “phases”. I end up getting bored. This is why I want/NEED both haha. “

The Guy Review:  Love – Lust & Fuck are all four letter words.  Which is your favorite?

Rashel: “This definitely depends on my mood. All three are awesome words, I mean they are all extremely relevant and important in my life. I will say that “FUCK” is my favorite word to say, LOL.”

The Guy Review:  I seriously doubt anyone would get “bored” with someone like you, but for arguments sake what do you do to make sure a relationship doesn’t get bland or boring?

Rashel: “Spontaneity keeps things exciting, makes things unpredictable. Sometimes the best times are unplanned. I have a sense of humor, laughing is healthy. Seeing a smile or hearing a laugh or giggle from someone I love keeps my spirits high. I try my best to understand all situations and I try to be supportive even when it can be tremendously difficult. A huge part, is never letting affection die out. Keep it strong! This leads me to making it very clear that if your SEX drive stays strong than so does your relationship.”

The Guy Review:  What can men do to keep the spark alive in a relationship?

Rashel: “This is a two way street! He better work with me to put the same effort I’m putting in. Let’s be real though, what Woman doesn’t love attention and praise from her Man? I love when he notices me, like really notices me and points that out. I love when my Man listens to me even when he’d probably rather watch football. I get so excited when he surprises me with small details because he paid that much attention to my interests and so forth. It makes me think, “Wow, he’s still so IN TO ME.”

The Guy Review:  Do you think it’s possible to experience extreme lust with your partner even after a long time?

Rashel: “Most definitely! Just prioritize having a strong and healthy relationship. Be partners and if you are successful with that, anything is possible!”

The Guy Review:  How do you keep the relationship “spicy”?


photos courtesy of Rashel Piazza

The Guy Review:  In a healthy relationship, what do you think is off limits?

Rashel: “No lies! I can’t stand a liar, I can’t stand a cheater, and I definitely can’t stand a Man with no respect. As I said earlier, a healthy relationship comes out of two individuals that continue their lives as genuine partners. You have to respect one another. How is it love if you don’t obtain that? I don’t think it is. I’m your “ride or die”, you have to be mine.”

The Guy Review:  What about toys or “50 Shades of Grey” type of shit ? LOL

Rashel: “What about it? Is there a problem with toys? Speaking of keeping the spark alive, well toys are a part of my equation lol.”

The Guy Review:  What’s the best piece of advice you can give for keeping a balance between love and lust? 

Rashel:  “You said it yourself haha….just make sure to have a good balance of both in your relationship. No one outside of your relationship will know better than the two of you on what makes you guys happy. Pay attention to each other and it shouldn’t be hard to please each other if you guys love each other.”

The Guy Review:  I was about to ask if a person can experience love and lust at the same time, but sitting here with you I’m feeling both love and lust simultaneously LOL.

Rashel: “All along, I was working you. JK”

The Guy Review:  Lust is usually loosely defined with just a physical act and biological need.  From a guy’s point of view how can a guy incorporate lust with a “gentleman” disposition?

Rashel:  “This is why respect is such a big deal to me. I will never waste my time with a Man that lacks that. A Gentleman is what is soooooo sexy to me. A man that is well mannered, courteous, considerate, genuine, caring, and RESPECTUL will get my juices flowing.”

The Guy Review:  Thanks Rashel – now my juices are flowing.  LOL Wait a minute that didn’t sound right.  You know what I mean. Hahaha . Thanks again for meeting with us.  

Rashel: LOL.  “You’re welcome – remember, don’t love too much.  Don’t lust too much.  Use all the four letter words evenly.”

The Guy Review:  Good advice – now it’s time to practice.  Rashel, can you help me understand and experience lust, just so I can understand the essence of this interview? LOL JK.  

Rashel: ******* ****** **** ********* (censored)

Rashel is the definition of perfectly balanced.  She carries herself with class and confidence, but I have a feeling that she knows what she’s doing in the lust department.  From talking to Rashel it seems like balance is the path to happiness i.e. there’s a time for love and there’s a time for lust.  Thank you Rashel for enlightening those of us who constantly have lust on our minds. 

-The Guy Review-