Cannabis Queen: Christine Mendoza


Many states along with California have now legalized the recreational use of Marijuana.  We’re talking today with the incomparable Christine Mendoza about the health benefits of Cannabis and Cannabis related products.  Recently, Christine introduced us to CBD oil, which we’ve been told treats anxiety, pain, depression, ADHD and other ailments.  


The Guy Review:  What are the health benefits of Cannabis and Cannabis related products?

Christine: Aaahh so many to list! CBD is found to have benefits as a neuro-protectant as well as used to alleviate various conditions, including: chronic pain, anxiety, nausea,  inflammation,  rheumatoid arthritis, antipsychotic effects (boost mood),  menstrual pain,  schizophrenia,  aids in digestion,  ADHD, Diabetes, Depression  PTSD,  alcoholism/dangerous substance addiction, strokes,  cardiovascular disease,  sleeplessness/insomnia …and it is known to kill & fight cancer cells as well as increase bone density and more. There are so many more wonderful different benefits of CBD to so many other ailments than listed above. Be sure to do your research on how CBD can help you with your specific needs. It truly is Nature’s miracle.

The Guy Review:  What exactly is CBD Oil? 

Christine: Cannabinoid (CBD) is a NON-psychoactive component of the Hemp plant that has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. CBD interacts with our naturally occurring systems, a proven to be extremely beneficial to our mind and body health. 


The Guy Review:  Will CBD Oil get me hiiiiiiiigggghhhh? 

Christine: lol! Not unless you want to! CBD is a NON-pyshoactive component of the Hemp plant. It contains verrrrrry little to no THC, depending on the extracting and refining process. CBD will not make you high if you are using high quality, no THC, super-refined CBD oil. Always check the label, as some people do not  want the THC, but some people do.  So if you choose to feel the “high”, there are CBD products that do contain THC, so always check the label. Personally I prefer the CBD capsules with NO THC-  from AOTACanna brand. Those are the capsules I take every day. No THC, 30mg and my favorite!

The Guy Review:  Oh so it’s actually healthy.  

Christine: Oh my goodness. It is very healthy. Im such a fan and believer. I wish I knew about this sooner in life. It would’ve saved me so much stress. Haha!

The Guy Review:  So there are no negative side effects from CBD oil?

Christine: There are no fatalities or toxicity from CBD, ever. However, a study in 1989 showed that in some people it gave dry mouth, overly relaxed/slower movements, and lightheadedness. This study was done in 1989. Personally, I do not know anyone who has experienced any of the above. In fact, it actually helped me relax but at the same  gave me sharp focus.  In my opinion, I would have to say a side effect would be falling in love with it! I am such a fan myself, I can no longer live without it! 

The Guy Review: How has CBD helped you personally?

Christine: I started taking CBD a while back- initially for pain management. Having always been against chemical, prescription, or OTC meds, I just always felt weird about putting chemicals in my body only to have the pain return. I didn’t like the idea of just masking it with chemicals. Dealing with any pain rather than even just take a Tylenol was the norm. I opted for CBD  as I read of its healthy benefits not only for pain but for so much more.  I’ve been blown away by the effects that started working within me with other ailments and problems I’ve had all my life. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had extreme anxiety. Anxiety attacks would occur so often that it just became “normal”. I never wanted to take any prescription medication so I just lived with it. I also have had ADHD symptoms since I was a child. I excel in focusing on one thing, but I had a very hard time focusing on multiple tasks at once. Coupled with anxiety, I was often overwhelmed. Again, I just lived with it.

So once, I had started taking CBD for pain, I noticed that after a week…I realized I had zero anxiety or panic attacks. I figured I was just having a great week and shrugged it off. Another week passed and I realized I was able to conquer multiple tasks with ease, no stress, no anxiety. Im now in a great mood all the time and I’m able to do things I normally wouldn’t be able to because my anxiety would most likely prevent it. I’ve been working out at the gym more, opting for a healthier lifestyle. I cut down on drinking alcohol and my body just automatically craved healthier options with food intake, etc. With frequent working out, the muscle soreness and pain I normally would get (that often used to discourage me from working out again the next day)…either vanished or was faint and  easily tolerable. No pain. Just constant striving.

My weekday schedule is: 

6am-7am: Wake up, make breakfast for my kids, make school lunches and get them dressed for school.

7:30am: Drop them off at school.

8am-10am: Gym/workout time!

10:30am: Get ready for my day.

11am-3:30pm: Post office to ship online orders. Then work and run 4 separate additional businesses (physical locations, online, and on phone) , while driving all over LA running additional work errands.

4pm: Pick up my children from school.

5pm: Mom life: spend time with kids, kids’ homework and make my family dinner.

7pm-8pm: Get kids showered and in bed.

9pm-11pm: Wash dishes/home chores. Then lastly, more work with emails, check online business statuses, pack online orders to ship the next morning.

I am a full time mother, wife, business owner. I have no nannies, no babysitter, no personal assistant. But I am able to happily juggle all, in addition to working out everyday thanks to CBD.  To be honest, before CBD, I was not able to get as much accomplished in one day. My days before were consumed with stress and anxiety juggling so much at once. I used to have a few glasses of wine at night to “unwind” after my stressful days, and found myself sluggish- mentally, emotionally and physically feeling like crap the morning after. 

CBD and holistic healing has changed my life and helped me tremendously with focus, pain management, boosts my mood everyday, while keeping my mind and body healthier. I make healthier choices with fitness and what  I consume. I used to love fried and junk foods but my body now rejects it and I crave for healthier options in fruits and veggies. I’m thankful that CBD enriches my life in so many ways. I’ve been the happiest, healthiest and most productive since. In turn, my family is happier as well. Overall, its been such a blessing in my life and I wanted to be able to share it with everyone I know, as well as be able to provide it at Buddha Brothers Holistic Center. Seeing the positive changes in my own life and health, I am a huge advocate in natural, and holistic healing. I wish everyone so much happiness and health and if i can help someone live healthier, Im truly happy and grateful to. 

The Guy Review:  So I have to ask – can puffing on a CBD Oil pen get people horny?  *Please say Yes, Please say Yes* LOL

Christine:  I know that CBD relaxes people and boosts mood. Relaxation, mental clarity, and good mood always sets the tone for anything! Haha! 

The Guy Review:  How can someone tell if the CBD Oil product they have is legit?

Christine: CBD companies should always be willing to provide their certified lab tests and results. In the extraction, refining and production of CBD, a carrier oil is needed for it’s process. All ingredients need to be listed on the label. 

The Guy Review:  Where can people go if they want to try or purchase CBD Oil products?  

Christine:  We carry CBD products at my holistic center: Buddha Brothers Holistic Center – 7429 1/2 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA 90046. You an also purchase online at:

CBD is legal in all USA states, therefore shipping to you is not a problem! Unfortunately no international shipping. 

The Guy Review:  What else to you carry online or in your location?

Christine: Aside from our CBD capsules and pens, we offer medicinal flower, delicious edibles, and also provide massage therapy, reiki healing, and Kambo healing from one of our amazing certified practitioners. 

Thanks for meeting with us again Christine.  In more ways than one it’s always a pleasure to see you.  LOL.  For those of you in the Los Angeles area, Buddha Brothers Holistic Center is located at 7429 1/2 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA 90046.  You can also shop online at . 

Christine: Thank you so much! Im always happy to chat! Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

-The Guy Review-