The Kaylani Paradox

Kaylani Lei

Today we’re sitting down with AVN Hall of fame inductee Kaylani Lei.  Her list of accomplishments includes an astounding 20 AVN nominations.  Easily one of the most recognizable faces in the industry, Kaylani has an articulate demeanor coupled with the looks and a body that men and women have dreamt about for years. 

The Guy Review:  Thanks for chatting with us Kaylani.  So, how long have you been in the adult industry? 

Kaylani:  Off and on since 2002

The Guy Review:  From your point of view what are some pros and cons for female performers? 

Kaylani:  There are definitely more pros than cons.  It’s a lot of fun.  Being filmed with awesome performers while at the same time meeting new people and fans is a plus.   I also like being able to brand myself however I want and the industry is like one big supportive family.  The fantasy part of the industry is fun along with dressing up and feeling sexy. 

With that being said there are also a few cons with this profession.  Often, there are long days on set, a lot of travel and some days it’s a struggle to wear eight-inch heels and being in full makeup at eight in the morning.  There’s also a negative stigma that can be associated with the adult industry.  Dating can also be a pain in the ass.  Despite all of this, the pros still outweigh the cons by a wide margin.

The Guy Review:  Here’s a random question I’ve been wondering.  On average how many people are in the room while shooting?

Kaylani:  There are different types of sets.  It really depends on the budget and timing of the production.  One scene in 2040, directed by Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures, for example involved a 17-person orgy.  Add a 10-person crew, 6-8 prep, catering as well as makeup and it can reach 40-50 people rather easily.  On the other end there are also one day shoots with only three people in the room; the performers and the videographer. 

The Guy Review: LOL, Not going to lie, I would probably have a hard time concentrating. 

The Guy Review:  Tell us a little about yourself.  Where are you from?

Kaylani:   I was born in Singapore and moved to the United States at a young age.  I mostly grew up in Massachusetts.  I then moved to LA for 13 years and now I live in Vegas.   

The Guy Review:  Wow, and for readers that don’t know, what nationality are you?

Kaylani:  Filipino and Chinese

The Guy Review:   Who are your favorite male or female performers to work with?

Kaylani:  Oh, that’s hard.  All of the female performers I have worked with are hot.  My favorite all girl scene was with Bobbi Starr in Horizon.  My favorite scene of all time was with Jonni Darkko and Kianna Dior in Noir by Evil Angel.  As far as guys, James Deen, Mick Blue, Manuel Ferrara and Xander Corvus are some of my favorites.  Some of my scenes can be found on where I’m the April bang babe of the month. 

The Guy Review:  So, I guess it’s safe to say you enjoy your job?  LOL

Kaylani: Yes, I love it.  I always say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. 

The Guy Review:  You’re a huge animal lover, right?  Do you have any pets? 

Kaylani: Yes, I have a French Bulldog named Taio and two cats, Miko and Misha.

The Guy Review:  Speaking of your love for animals, do you have any causes or charities that you help out?

Kaylani: Pawtastic Friends located in Las Vegas. They specialize in enrichment training programs for dogs in shelters and preparing them for adoption. Ultimately, it’s really about a feeling for me.  If I feel passionate about a cause or charity, I’ll do all I can to help. 

The Guy Review:  What’s your image of an ideal girl or guy?

Kaylani: I like it when a guy is confident, funny and loves food and animals as much as I do.  He has to be ambitious and a no bullshit games kind of guy.  The ideal man knows how to take care of himself, treat a lady and live a healthy lifestyle, but also knows how to live life and have fun. 

The Guy Review:  On the flip side, what are some turnoffs or disqualifiers in your book?

Kaylani:  Lack of good hygiene,  disrespectful, careless drivers and a lack of motivation or ambition. 

The Guy Review:  Do you enjoy working with men more or women?

Kaylani: I enjoy men more.

The Guy Review:  You’re very articulate and mentally stimulating, what does it take for anyone to catch your attention?

Kaylani: Be yourself, be chill, feed me food. Haha

The Guy Review:  On that note can you give some advice for a man like me who has absolutely no idea what to do while in the presence of a woman as beautiful as yourself?

Kaylani:  I need a boss who keeps my belly full, makes me laugh and makes me cum hard.

The Guy Review:  I can fulfill all of those duties LOL

The Guy Review:  I still can’t believe how friendly and “real” you are.  For all our readers, aside from the obvious physical attributes, Kaylani emanates a sense of sexual expression mixed in with compassion, kindness and a f*ck it kind of attitude meaning she lives and loves those around her and lives life to the fullest. 

Speaking with her, even for this short period of time it’s apparent she strives to be better today than she was yesterday.  Somewhat of a paradox, Kaylani seems confident yet humble, simple yet complicated, both fun and serious in ways uniquely her own.

Kaylani loves Jordan’s, the 3’s I believe and while I’m partial to the 4’s and 11’s one can respect her exceptional taste in shoes.  Kaylani is the embodiment of “Yin and Yang”, a starry-eyed romantic with a lustful disposition, ready to love and ready to f*ck. 

The Guy Review:  Was this perception somewhat accurate? 

Kaylani: Yes, well said. 

The Guy Review:  How would you define happiness? 

Kaylani:  Happiness to me is to be free of others opinions of yourself.  To think otherwise would make he or she a prisoner of what other people think.  This is common in our industry, where we can get judged based on fantasy or a character, not knowing who the person really is. 

The Guy Review:  You have a personal website, right?  Where can fans go to drop you a message, cam with you or purchase merchandise?

Kaylani:  Yes I do;

The Guy Review:  Any last words of advice for women or men who want to break into the industry?

Kaylani: Know your worth and add tax

The Guy Review:  Last set of questions; fill in the blank

  • Favorite position? Doggystyle or Missionary
  • Favorite food? I love food with a passion, but I don’t eat Beef, Pork or Lamb.
  • Favorite TV Show? Modern Family and SMILF.  My all-time favorites are Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy, but my all-time all-time favorite is Friends
  • Sign? LEO

The Guy Review:  Kaylani, it’s been truly invigorating chatting with you in more ways than one.  Both heads feel uplifted by your presence. LOL. We’re going to have to do this again sometime.

Kaylani:  Thank you!  Definitely.

The Guy Review:  If I had to describe Kaylani in one word it would be “stimulating”.  Many women are capable of stimulating the head most men think with, but few can stimulate the mind as well.  She happens to do both really well as I am both deep in thought and balls deep in lustful daydreaming.