Top “Dating” Restaurants – Los Angeles

Yamashiro Hollywood

With 4 million plus people, there is no shortage of dating opportunities in Los Angeles.  There’s also no shortage of restaurants to go to, events, etc. to take a date.  Below is a list compiled that takes the “ambiance” of the restaurant into account along with the food.

Yamashiro – Hollywood

Opened in 1914, Yamashiro sits right above Hollywood Blvd.  Known for its garden landscaping and view of Hollywood and Los Angeles, Yamashiro creates a natural and sophisticated dating atmosphere.  Call to make reservations and request a window view.  The food is pretty good, but the ambiance is excellent.  From experience the service has always been great.  For fish lovers I recommend the Orange Sea Glaze Sea Bass – delicious and the 100 year Mai Tai is by far my favorite drink.  Overall, you can’t go wrong bringing a date here, but don’t forget your piggy bank as Yamashiro’s prices are equally as impressive as the views.  


Cliff’s Edge 

Known for their wine Cliff’s Edge is nestled in the heart of Silverlake.  This cozy restaurant combines ambiance and with a warm friendly atmosphere.  Their award-winning cuisine changes occasionally to match seasonality and they also have a large wine selection.  Be sure to make a reservation as this place gets crowded, especially on the weekends.  On the weekends their bar stays open until 2:00 AM and dinner until 11:00.  The large tree in the middle serves as a perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. 

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Perhaps my favorite casual dating restaurant, LaLa’s offers delicious Argentinian fare at a reasonable price.  The Entraña and Costilla are my personal favorites, but everything there is good.  A must with any meal at LaLa’s is their Sangria.  Forget about getting a glass as you will most likely end up getting a pitcher anyway.  They have the traditional red Sangria and their Clerico, which is mixed with fruit.  Both are intoxicatingly good.  They usually only accept reservations for large groups, however the wait is usually only minimal, even on the weekends.  They have two locations – Melrose and Studio City.  

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Nobu Malibu 

If an ocean view is what you’re looking for then Nobu Malibu is your perfect destination.  Most tables have a view of the majestic Pacific Ocean.  Nobu Malibu also has an exterior lounge and outdoor dining area.  They have an extensive alcohol menu with premium sake, wine, champagne, signature cocktails and a full bar.  For seafood lovers try the Black Cod with Miso. My carnivores out there can’t go wrong with the Prime Tenderloin with Miso Ponzu or the Ribeye.  For those who want an more adventurous date, try the live Octopus.  They have live Scallops and Abalone as well.  If your date of the last minute variety call first.  You may get lucky, but most reservations are made two weeks to a month in advance.  

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Pink’s Hot Dogs

Ok so technically Pink’s isn’t a restaurant, but if you’re a baller on a budget this is the place.  The original location has been around for more than 75 years on the corner of Melrose and La Brea.  To be around that long, you know their hot dogs are unique and good.  My personal favorite is the Guadalajara dog, which has relish, onions, tomatoes and sour cream.  There’s a bacon option too.  This place gets busy, especially at night or after Dodger, Laker or Clipper games so try to go during off hours.  

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