A Conversation With The Beautiful Scorpio: Justene Jaro


We’re sitting here with the absolutely gorgeous Justene Jaro.  She has eyes that can pierce through a crowd and an aura that is impossible to ignore.  Justene is a Scorpio, which is code for don’t f*ck with me or you’ll regret it, yet she has a calm gentle demeanor about her…..  

The Guy Review: “Justene, here is the most important question of the day – Are You Single?”

Justene: YES!!! 

The Guy Review: “Describe your ideal guy”

Justene: A man has to make me laugh and be there for me when I need him – a partner in life through the good and the bad.  

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The Guy Review:  “You live in California right?  What’s your take on Marijuana – should it be illegal to use recreationally, in a responsible setting of course?”

Justene: “It should be legal no matter what.  If alcohol is legal, then Marijuana should be also.  I’ve never heard of anyone dying of weed poisoning or getting overly aggressive.  The worst that usually happens is a case of the munchies.”

The Guy Review:  “What do you like to do for fun?”

Justene:  “Go to the dog park; spend time with animals; sleep; watch cartoons (Family Guy); Smoke Weed & Drink.”

The Guy Review:  “Do girls think about sex as much as I – I mean guys do?”

Justene:  YES!! And women shouldn’t be oppressed for it.  Women can have just as much sex as men without being disregarded and labeled.  

Photos Courtesy Of Justene Jaro 

The Guy Review:  “What’s your passion or calling in life?”

Justene: “Equal rights when it comes to gender, straight or gay, sex, animals, the unnecessary cruel treatment of animals,  etc.,  Everyone and everything should be treated with respect and love.”

The Guy Review:  “Wow, pretty intense – what can people do if they want to help?”

Justene:  “Everyone can start adopting pets instead of funding puppy mills as well as being aware of what’s on their plate.  Pigs and cows are especially intelligent.  The treatment that they get before going off to slaughter is unnecessary.  Donate to ASCPA, PETA along with other worthy causes and treat each other with respect and dignity.  A random act of kindness can change someones life.”  

The Guy Review: ” What’s your favorite movie and TV show of all time?”

Justene: “What Dreams May Come, 300, Family Guy.”

The Guy Review:  “I would say most guys like to eat and most guys are confused when going on a date with a girl that eats one piece of lettuce and says I’m full.  Do you like to eat?”

Justene:  “Yes, I do what I want, I eat what I want.”

The Guy Review:  “That’s what we like to hear!  What’s your favorite food?”

Justene: “I’m open to anything, but I don’t like to eat anything that brings unnecessary pain to any animal.  Generally though – Filipino food and Japanese food are my go to’s.”

The Guy Review:  “Do you have any pets?”

Justene:  “Yup, I have two dogs Winnie and Vinny.  

The Guy Review:  “yeah, a mans or woman’s best friend.  I think everyone should have a dog.”

Justene:  Yeah, there’s plenty of dogs up for adoption.  One of the main questions is do you have enough compassion to adopt and make it one of your own?  I will say this – Girls love guys that have dogs.  It represents loyalty, love, responsibility and companionship.”

The Guy Review:  “Good to know.  For those that don’t know you…one last series of questions”

The Guy Review: 

Favorite Color?

Justene:  “Grey”

What are you afraid of?

Justene:  “Death”

What’s your favorite drink of choice?

Justene:  “Chardonay”

Favorite Quote?

Justene:  “Love or Lust?”

The Guy Review:  Thanks for stopping by Justene.  Pictures don’t do you justice – those eyes though. Wow.  

Justene” . “Anytime, thanks for having me.”

Justene has this exotic, mesmerizing one of a kind look about her, but equally impressive is her personality.  She’s very down to earth and in a lot of ways she thinks like a guy.  She strikes us as loyal, caring, sincere and fierce, never shying away from a fight for something she believes in.  Case in point,  Justene and her sister went to North Dakota to be a part of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest and help as well as bring awareness to the plight of the Standing Rock Sioux that call North Dakota home.  Justene Jaro is definitely  a strong beautiful woman with the midset – “Don’t talk about it, be about it.”

– The Guy Review –

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