Most Eligible Bachelorette: Las Vegas


Las Vegas’s Most Eligible Bachelorette

As one of Las Vegas’s most eligible bachelorettes, Samantha Michele is making moves.  She’s the CEO of the Las Vegas-based mobile salon Play Glam.  She also routinely volunteers to help those in need such as domestic violence victims and those who are less fortunate.  This renaissance woman has the drive and determination to match her beauty.  

The Guy Review:  How is it possible that a woman with your physical and mental attributes is single? 

Samantha: I have a checklist that no one has passed yet and I have no reason to settle!

The Guy Review:  You’re obviously driven, talented and gorgeous.  Do you think that men find that intimidating?

Samantha: Absolutely. Alpha females challenge their masculinity and most men these days can’t accept that challenge.

The Guy Review:  What are qualities a man needs in order to have a shot with you?

Samantha: I have so many lol so we’ll do top 3: ambition, independence, humble

The Guy Review:  Well since a man with those qualities is evidently hard to find what about women? *wink*

Samantha: I think women are art and I love them lol but I need a man!

The Guy Review:  Really?  Do tell pleeeeaaasssseeeeeee.

Samantha: Haha- I’ve had some fun times! My company motto is “work hard, play hard” for a reason.

The Guy Review:  What drives and motivates you to do what you do?  Beautiful women are all over the place, but a woman with this much passion, drive, generosity and substance not to mention your physical ASSets is very rare. 


Samantha: I’ve honestly had this drive and ambition my whole life. I know we are here to become our best selves. Whether working on myself or helping someone, the energy created is contagious and the best feeling to me so I know it’s my purpose.

The Guy Review:   Tell us about your company Play Glam App. 

Samantha: We bring play back into women’s lives! We bring all things glam to them- makeup, hair, spray tanning, lash extensions, and facials. Whether your home, at your office, hotel, or anywhere and at any time, get glammed up! The best part? Our mobile app makes it as easy as the touch of a button.

The Guy Review:  We actually have a lot of female readers.  So you can actually bring a mobile salon of sorts to them wherever they are at in Las Vegas? 

Samantha: Yes! Anywhere and at any time, our professional artists stay ready.

The Guy Review:  What are your ultimate goals in life both personally and professionally? 

Samantha: My personal and professional go hand in hand. I’m going to continue to live through light and love. I want to become my best self and help others become their best!

The Guy Review: Here’s a question one of our female readers wants to ask.  How do you balance and leverage your sexuality and sex appeal with also running a successful business without it becoming degrading? 

Samantha: I’m a multifaceted woman so I’m very good at adapting to my environment.

The Guy Review:  What’s more powerful – love or lust?

Samantha: They are both powerful, but love lasts longer and should be the ultimate goal.

The Guy Review:  Random questions – choose one –


  • Chinese or Japanese food? Japanese
  • Drake or Kendrick Lamar? Drake
  • Vodka or Tequila? Tequila
  • Titties or Tacos? Why not both?!

All of us at The Guy Review are still mesmerized by the unique combination that Samantha possesses.  She’s the definition of a physical and mental Alpha Female.  Utterly mysterious and distractingly beautiful, Samantha lives and loves at a pace that most can’t keep up with.  For more information on Play Glam visit  Thanks Samantha – talk to you again soon. 


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