Make Her Notice You: Maxim Model Rashel Piazza


Every once in awhile a guy sees the girl that makes him trip over himself. Well, gentlemen say hello to Maxim Cover Girl and first runner up Miss Asia USA Rashel Piazza. She’s five feet seven inches of mesmerizing head turning beauty. So what are you supposed to say or do to catch her attention?  If you’re like me in my youth you’ll say something stupid albeit jokingly like “hey girl you want fries with that shake?” We’re asking Rashel the secrets of success to getting and staying noticed. 

The Guy Review – Oh my goodness your gorgeous.  HaHa.  Anyway, what’s the first thing you notice in a guy and can he do anything to get you to notice him? 

Rashel – ” The first thing I notice obviously is if he is physically attractive.  The other thing I notice is the way that he carries himself.  I like that mysterious and manly “swagger walk”.”  

The Guy Review – Rashel, how is a guy supposed to go up to a 5-7 bombshell like yourself with a straight face and have any chance at success? 

Rashel – “A guy stands a better chance if he’s being real and not putting up a front.  If he’s not my type, but he’s real I’ll be nice.  If I can tell it’s all a front then the “bitchiness” comes out LOL.”

The Guy Review – Wow, I like it.  Are there any things right off the bat that you would call a deal breaker?

Rashel – “If he still lives at home with his parents, if he’s unemployed or didn’t want kids; those are all huge deal breakers for me.  Also bad hygiene and he definitely has to have a sense of style in his wardrobe.  If I’m being completely honest and I’m just starting to get to know someone, if he wears the same thing twice in a short period of time that’s a huge turnoff for me for some reason hahaha.”

The Guy Review – What kind of guys do you physically find attractive? Tall, short, skinny, muscular, etc.?

Rashel – “Tall, Dark, Toned and handsome.  Honestly I like a plump butt.  I’m like a guy when it comes to asses.  I will fondle a guys ass all day if he has a nice ass.”

The Guy Review – (Note to self – squat every day at the gym LOL) What’s the best piece of advice for a guy if he sees a beautiful woman that he wants to talk to?

Rashel – ” Most importantly be yourself.  I like a guy that’s a mystery to me.  It’s a turn on to me if a guy is talking to me, but I can’t tell if he’s hitting on me or not.”

The Guy Review – Corny pick up lines make us laugh.  What’s the corniest pick up line anyone has ever said to you? 

Rashel -“Hmmmm…. I think all pick up lines are corny.  There are a few things I don’t like though.  I hate it when guys cat call and whistle.  Do guys really think that shit is going to work? Hahaha.  This isn’t really a pick up line, but when I guy says “do I know you, where have we met?”  That’s not a slick way of meeting a girl.  I’ve responded with, “if we knew each other and neither one of us remembers then it wasn’t worth our time.”  

The Guy Review:  That’s true, I would think if a guy met you they would definitely remember.  Rate this on a scale of 1-10 in importance so us men know what to focus on.

Hair: 8

Appearance: 5 – less important 

Teeth: 9

Demeanor: 10

The Guy Review – Any last tidbits of advice Rashel?  

Rashel – “In the beginning most men will do anything to impress a woman.  Wine her, dine her and be the sweetest man in the world.  I would say that most women want all of those things, but not just in the beginning.  I want to feel the same way 20 years from now.”

There you have it gentlemen; an interesting perspective from the mind of an obviously beautiful woman. 

Thanks for stopping by Rashel.  It was fun chatting with you. 

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