Samantha Michele: What It Takes To Date A BOSS

Samantha Play Glam

Samantha Michele isn’t your everyday 23 year old. She’s fierce, determined, passionate, humble, competitive and oh yeah she’s the CEO of the up and coming mobile beauty services website and app Play Glam. If you lack drive, motivation or vision you can forget about having a chance with the most gorgeous CEO I have ever seen. I have some questions for Samantha, but her eyes are distractingly intoxicating.


The Guy Review:  Samantha, here’s the question everyone wants to know; are you single?  

Samantha: Yes!

The Guy Review: YESSSSSS !!! 

The Guy Review:  Having met you and getting to know you, you are what I would call an “Alpha Female”.  Am I correct in my assumption?  

Samantha: Most definitely, but I wouldn’t mind finding a guy more alpha than me to take charge.  

The Guy Review:  I can see how a guy would be intimidated by approaching someone with your physical and mental attributes.  What can a guy do or say to catch your attention?

Samantha: Either talk business or make me laugh.

The Guy Review:  On that note, what characteristics do you like in a man, both physical and mental?

Samantha:  The older I get the more attracted I am to mental. I like smart, witty, and goal-oriented men. The only physical attribute that’s a must is being fit. I have the work ethic to keep my body on point so they should as well.

The Guy Review:  You seem really busy.  Where do you find the time to enjoy the simple things in life like reading, coffee or SEX? 

Samantha: At the end of the day, you can always make time for what you want.  I’ll give up sleep for anything I want or need to do.  

The Guy Review:  You’re from Las Vegas right?  You’ve probably heard some crazy pick up lines.  Does anything stand out either good or bad?  

Samantha: Oh man I’ve heard every line in the book. Haha . The most recent terrible example would be a guy telling me I’d certainly be raped if I were wearing these heels around him.  I get where he was going with it; but wow, what a disrespectful way to say it. 

The Guy Review:  Yeah, what an idiot.   

The Guy Review:  What’s one thing that guys do that irritates the hell out of you when they try to “holler”?

Samantha: Bad grammar and can’t hold a conversation.

The Guy Review:  Tell us about your company.  What does your company do?  

Samantha: I founded and run an on-demand beauty service agency here in Las Vegas. Play Glam books makeup, hair, tanning, and lashes to wherever you are, for any occasion. We accept bookings through our website and soon a mobile app. Play Glam also has some beauty related products launching. We have something for everybody! It’s all on our website check us out!

The Guy Review:  In the business world, do you think the way you look is an advantage or a disadvantage?  

Samantha: There’s pros and cons to everything in life.  I do feel it’s much more of a disadvantage for me as it’s a distraction from what I really have to offer.  As always though, I’m up for the challenge.  

The Guy Review:  I don’t know about anyone else, but I would much rather do business with a strong woman that’s both attractive and smart.  

The Guy Review:  With you being busy running a company, how do you find the time to keep that body looking like that?  (Guys and girls, you have absolutely no idea – she looks like a statue molded from a Greek god).

Samantha: LOL well before beauty school, I was obsessed with all things fitness (gym, crossfit, hot pilates, boxing, NPC bikini competition).  Now when I get in the gym, I find it easy to maintain and I have a fast metabolism so I never get to the point of HAVING to go to the gym. 

The Guy Review:  What’s your ideal first date? 

Samantha:  Anything opposite of a traditional restaurant.  I would rather have him cook for me or do something adventurous.  

The Guy Review:  What would be a deal breaker for you? 

Samantha: Disrespect and laziness! 

The Guy Review:  What turns you on in the bedroom? 

Samantha:  I’m a giver so the biggest turn on is when I know they’re enjoying it and going crazy over it. 

The Guy Review:  On that note you seem adventurous.  What’s your view on threesomes? 

Samantha:  Hmmmm.  I’ve had multiple girls LOL . I like the best of all worlds.  

The Guy Review:  Thanks Samantha, now I can’t get up out of this chair.  SMH.  It was fun chatting with you and thanks for stopping by.  You’re an unbelievable talent.  We will all be rooting for you.  Good luck with Play Glam and all of your other endeavors.  

Well there you have it guys – from the mind of a BOSS.  She’s a rare combination of beauty, brains and compassion.  Samantha routinely donates time and or resources to the less fortunate, while spreading good vibes with everyone.  She seems genuine and humble, yet she will fiercely compete with anyone that challenges her and she will win at all costs.  Samantha is one of the most well rounded people I have ever met.  When I say well rounded I mean everywhere physically and mentally.  Think you can handle this “Alpha Female”? 

-The Guy Review-    

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