Hyperice : Better than ice for a faster recovery

Hyperice Venom
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I don’t recover as fast as I did years ago.  Gone are the days when I could work out for two or three hours, play basketball for hours then repeat the next day.  Nowadays I need to ice my body, primarily my shoulders.  The problem is I absolutely hate ice.  It’s boring, cold and cumbersome.  When icing I either have to hold the ice bag with the opposite hand or wrap it with an ace bandage.  Either way it’s a royal pain in the ass.  That’s when I ran into Hyperice.

Hyperice ShoulderI randomly bumped into the Hyperice website while Googling cold compression wrap.  I figured why not?  My left shoulder was bothering me and I saw a video of how Hyperice worked.  I purchased the left shoulder ice compression wrap along with Hyperice Fuel.  It’s surprisingly different than regular traditional icing.  First, you can use regular ice, however Fuel is reusable.  After use you simply store it in the freezer.  Second, there is an air release valve at the top of the wrap.  As you mold the compression over your shoulder, air can be released through the valve.  This leaves nothing but a cold “ice cast” treatment.  This made my shoulder numb faster and due to the strength and flexibility of the neoprene wrap I’m able to move around while icing.  Now I have both wraps for the left and the right shoulder.  


Hyperice has other technology such as Venom, which is a heat technology in combination with vibration.  They also have wraps and therapies for the back, knees, legs as well as a utility wrap.  I now own three Hyperice products; the utility device and both shoulder cryotherapy devices.  For me, the mobility and ease of use was well worth the money.  Hyperice products are not cheap, but if you value recovery and time then I would definitely recommend Hyperice.  


  • Flexible and strong
  • Fuel or ice molds around whatever is being treated
  • comfortable – it’s easy to move around in
  • Rapid recovery
  • Better overall experience than traditional ice therapy (my opinion)


  • Cost – The ice compression devices can run around $100 and the Venom devices double that.  
  • Shoulder devices are not interchangeable meaning if both shoulders need treatment, then one left shoulder and one right shoulder must be purchased. 
  • Trial & Error period – watch the instructional videos first.  I spent hours trying to figure out how to use the shoulder devices properly.  Once accustomed to the process it takes less than a minute to apply.  

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