Christine Mendoza: More Than Meets The Eye

Christine Mendoza

In a world where material and superficial tendencies rule it’s rare to find a woman that has it all.  Insert Christine Mendoza.  We sat down with her and noticed right away that she was different.  Aside from her eye candy ASSets, Christine is very down to Earth and sincere.  She strikes us as a tell it how it is kind of girl with a natural business acumen.  Ambitious and determined, Christine owns or has collaborated in over a dozen business ventures ranging from bars to a Cannabis club.  Along with her sex appeal, Christine rules her world with drive and passion.  Back to those eye candy ASSets, oh my goodness. Today we spoke to her about dating, life, sex, business and everything in between……..


The Guy Review:  What’s the one thing a man can do to get your attention?  

Christine: “I love a genuinely kind, respectful person. You can tell a lot by someone before they even say a word, just by the energy they bring. I love people who you I can automatically feel that warmth with.”

The Guy Review: What’s the absolute worst pick up line you have ever heard?  LOL

Christine: “One of the worst pickup lines has to be, “You must be a handful. But I got 2 hands.” [as he does this weird hand-squishing-the-air thing, creepily smiling]. Haha..Clever but umm, no thank you.” 

The Guy Review:  LOL That was interesting.  What are the physical and mental qualities you look for in a partner?

Christine: “I love a man who is driven, sincere, respectful, honest, family oriented. I love a man who is compassionate towards others, as I am very passionate and active in charity and volunteer work. Confidence is a must, but I cannot stand arrogance: theres a huge difference. I love a man who is clean, organized, ambitious, and displays good mental, moral, emotional aptitudes. I love a person who is honest and loyal, patient, understanding, nonjudgmental.  Someone who consciously chooses to always want to better himself as well as be a positive influence towards others. I love to laugh, so a sense of humor is huge for me. Laughter definitely is a way to my heart.”

The Guy Review:  Here’s a random question – what’s more enjoyable; sex or making money?

Christine: “Sex for sure. I have the mentality where people can always make money if they have the ambition to. Money is man-made. However, the best sex is much deeper than just physical, but combined with an emotional and spiritual connection…that is rare. To be able to find that one special someone where you get that euphoric high [a high that goes way deeper than just f*cking]… It’s amazing. I’ve always been a more emotional lover/spiritual lover. Money can always be made later. Hehe..”

The Guy Review: What’s your favorite position?

Christine:  I’m a Leo, so I like to take control in pretty much every avenue of life. Lol. That definitely goes for sex, so cowgirl for sure. But at  the same time, a lioness likes to allow herself to be “tamed” so doggystyle is another favorite. *rawr*

The Guy Review:  We know all about your sex appeal, but your combination of sex appeal and business sense is interesting since we all know sex sells.  The way you fuse the two together in any industry is inspiring.  You mentioned either owning or collaborating on different investments and projects.  What do you own or are involved with?

Christine:”In the past, I preferred to kept my business endeavors personal as I was more known as a “Glamour Model” to the public eye. I wanted to keep the two separated because some ventures- I was either a silent investor, or it would be a conflict of interest.  Ive always been okay with making business moves silently. Business is unpredictable, there are many highs and lows. Being “Christine Mendoza” the model gave me an opportunity to make an income based on my appearance, but obviously that has an expiration date. So i chose to invest my earnings into ventures that didn’t rely on my appearance and had a longer benefit towards my future. Some of my ventures have included a bar/restaurant in Koreatown Los Angeles, a bikini bar in Honolulu Hawaii, a pay-per-minute webcam site, adult/glamour model network for membership sites, a men’s clothing boutique in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, an e-commerce women’s boutique, and now a Holistic Center/Cannabis club in Hollywood.”

The Guy Review: Wow.  That’s impressive.  Diversification. So what do you think are the advantages of legalizing Weed?

Christine: “Allowing Medical Marijuana to be legal creates so many holistic healing benefits to patients who seek alternative ways to treat their ailments. It allows people to alleviate naturally, versus being dependent on OTC drugs- [which is so much more detrimental to their health in the long run]. Besides the medicinal advantages, legalizing creates many job opportunities which in return, helps boost the economy. I stand behind natural plant medicine, as I am a patient myself who has overcome many ailments with the help of CBD & cannabis treatments. I am against dangerous prescription pills and hope to bring awareness of the healthier, alternative ways to heal. Our Holistic Center works with medical doctors, as well as holistic practitioners and therapists to further aid patients and members seeking additional therapy. So we aren’t just a “weed shop”, we truly care about the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of everyone that walks in. But if someone were to walk in and just want medicine, then of course they’re welcome with open arms. “

The Guy Review:  Do you think your looks help or hurt you in business?

Christine: “Depending on the demographic of the business, on a marketing stand point- my appearance has helped tremendously with getting the business out there with promotion and networking. I was able to be an owner as well as the talent and promotion. But on the flip side, being “Christine Mendoza” has definitely had its drawbacks in being taken seriously. Most people have this preconceived notion about me or my character, and I fully understand why. Ive walked into meetings where I was undermined and rudely dismissed just based on my appearance and due to my modeling work. I’ve had to work even harder to prove my work ethic and knowledge, just to be taken seriously.  “Show and prove” has always been my motto. People can talk all day but few can actually commit action to their words. Many of the businesses Ive chosen to involve into are usually ran by males. So people are often surprised to know I can actually think and keep up.” 

The Guy Review:  With that being said have you ever used your sexy appearance to your advantage in a business setting?  How?

Christine: “With Glamour modeling, thats the job description and character you portray as an Entertainer.  But with other business- I strongly DO NOT  believe in being sexy or sexual to get an advantage. I know that walking into any situation, that’s what the WRONG people will expect or want from you. You can be anyone , in any type of work. The minute a woman chooses to do that, she already boxes herself in and brands herself as such. Actions speak volumes. You can ruin your credibility in one second. Showing real work ethic and value  equals longevity.

There’s always a cute, if not cuter girl willing to sell herself out for a come up. Theres another one willing to take that spot and it goes on and on and on. I’ve seen so many people crash and burn by being a part of that cycle. If you want to be taken serious and think longevity with legitimate businesses, flirting or sexuality will not get you there. I know it sounds funny coming from someone whose based her entertainment/modeling career on being “sexy”.. But there’s a huge difference between the fun character/entertainer role, versus the serious business-owner side. That’s why I’ve always kept the two entities separate. “

The Guy Review:  For those of us that don’t know you well, what do you like to do for fun and what are you passionate about?  

Christine: “Ive been passionate about charity work since I was a little girl. I started my own organization called Project Mendoza in 2005 in the Philippines. We provide a hot meal, school supplies, first aid, toiletries, as well as canned goods and rice to feed their family for 5-7 days. Our last trip, we were blessed to be able to provide for 500 families. I hope to grow each year and eventually branch out to other countries. That is my dream in life! I’m also blessed to work with various LA nonprofit groups and Women & Children Centers that help reinstate homeless families back into society. There are so many people suffering from homelessness- who aren’t aware of their rights, where to go for assistance, or what type of help they can receive. I work with a wonderful team in LA that helps assist people to get the help they need.

A lot of people suffering from homelessness- just happen to be down on their luck. All it takes is a little steer in the right direction to help get them back on their feet. I know you can’t help everyone and maybe not everyone wants the help, but I truly believe that just one small, kind gesture for someone can change their entire life. Ive seen it happen with many of the people we’ve worked with. Its possible, all it takes is someone giving them a chance when so often they are overlooked.”

The Guy Review:  This is quite possibly the most important question of the day.  Since you own a Cannabis Holistic Center Location – – – Can you hook it up =) 

Christine:  “Of course! I got you! haha!”

The Guy Review:  Thanks for meeting with us Christine.  It’s going to take awhile before the blood flow returns back to the head that’s above my shoulders.  LOL.  

Christine: “Thank you! I’m grateful for this opportunity. I had a lot of fun with this interview! For those reading, please check out as well as If you’re ever in the Hollywood area, feel free to mention this interview and receive a discount!”

“You can also find me on my instagram : , as well as my new website coming very soon: ! I also want to thank  my awesome fans who have been so loyal and supportive throughout the years. I am blessed and forever grateful for you guys!”

For me anyway her business insight combined with her attractiveness makes her even more appealing.  It’s not everyday that a model looks this damn good while at the same having the where with all and stamina to run multiple businesses.  Even after all this she still finds the time to help those in need through various charities.  Through life experiences Christine seems like she has never forgotten where she came from.  She has a warmhearted vibe to her, which combined with her natural competitiveness and drive magnifies all of her other assets.  When I say assets I seriously mean ASSSSSSSSSSSets.  Wow.  Check her out at Buddha Brothers Holistic Center.  

-The Guy Review-