Playstation 4 Pro Vs. XBOX One X


PlayStation 4 Pro vs Xbox One X

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are the things that REALLY matter when choosing between the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. Tons of reviews stress the difference in specs, but there are other factors that are more important.

Who are you buying for?

Whether this new console is a gift for a friend, family member, or for yourself, there are some key deciding factors that you should be aware of. If the person you are buying for already has an older Xbox, they may want the newer Xbox as opposed to the PlayStation because they are able to play their older games on the new console.

Which console their friends have?

This is the most underestimated factor in deciding which console to purchase. Xbox One gamers cannot play with people that own PlayStations, and there are only a few select games that can be played cross platform. So, the gift recipient would probably prefer to have the same console that their friends own.

What games are they planning on playing?

Each console has games that can be played exclusively on that console. If you know what games you or the gift receiver will be playing; this is often the ultimate deciding factor. For example, Halo games are only playable on the Xbox. Here is a list of some of the top Xbox One exclusives, and here is a list of some of the PlayStation 4 exclusives.

What if none of the above factors matter?

There is a price difference between the two consoles. The Xbox One X was just recently released, so there will most likely be a price drop soon that will even out their prices. As of right now, the PlayStation 4 is about $100 cheaper than the Xbox. Additionally, both consoles offer “live” accounts (which some games require). Live accounts give gamers access to online multiplayer games. Live accounts are $59.99 annually regardless of whether or not you have a PlayStation or an Xbox. You can purchase a one year live member ship for Xbox here and for PlayStation here. Additionally, since Microsoft owns Xbox, there is some integration with Microsoft Windows, which may be handy.

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Made up your mind?

For your convenience, we’ve attached links below to purchase either console from Best Buy, which has a price match guarantee on these two products. Let us know below which console you ended up choosing!

PlayStation 4 Pro – $399.99

Where to Buy: PlayStation 4 Pro


Xbox One X – $499.99

Where to Buy: Xbox One X