IV Infusion Therapy in Las Vegas, NV


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IV infusion therapy replenishes hydration, boost recovery from illness or jet lag, alleviates hangovers, restoring vitamin & nutrient levels, refreshing your appearance and revitalizing your well being!

Like most college students and young adults know-a-days, hydration and vitamins are key to getting back on your feet quickly after a night of raucous fun. And, yes, I am talking about nights that include copious amounts of alcohol. For those on the party scene, the next level in recovery is here. The global wellness provider, Reviv, has been opening locations around the world, making partiers think twice about using their old Gatorade, bread, and aspirin routine. 

The process is really very chill and relaxed. The IV bars have the look and feel of a chic, modern, walk-in clinics. A friendly staff takes your vitals and you have a quick, five-minute consultation with a doctor via FaceTime. Next, they hook you up to a standard saline drip bag, similar to those seen in any hospital room. Although these have names like Hydromax, Ultravox, and Megaboost. Each has its own recipe that includes minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes designed to not only hydrate but enhance the body’s natural immune response.

What is IV Infusion Therapy Like?

This past Memorial Day weekend, my boys and I partied along the Vegas Strip until the sun came up. I can speak from experience when I say just one trip to Reviv the next morning and we were good to go! With one 45 minute hydration session, even the lagger in the crew was back hitting up the casino strong. 





Benefits of IV Infusion Therapy

In addition to hydration, the process also detoxes your muscles and organs. It flushes out lactic acid build up and free radical particles that contribute to inflammation, body aches, and nausea. For anyone that doesn’t want to spend the better part of a weekend trip in bed recovering, definitely consider Reviv.

You can even supplement your IV therapy with vitamin injections that boost energy and promote wellness. Reviv’s website states the B12 shot increases natural energy and augments red blood cell production. It can even regulate sleep, mood, and appetite. Glutathione is another of the four booster shots that they advertise as the “master antioxidant”

Try IV Infusion Therapy

As a result, we can expect to see these types of “IV bars” popping up all over major cities and summer concert festivals. Give it a try, if it works for you, say goodbye to those dreary next day blues. Visit their website to learn more about IV nutrient therapies and booster shots, revivme.com.

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