Montage Kapalua Bay: Consumer Review

Montage Kapalua Bay

Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and weather anywhere in the world.  While it’s hard to pick a favorite island I would have to say Maui is my personal favorite.  It’s very family friendly, with plenty to do for adults as well as children.  

Maui has a few five star resorts if luxury accommodations while vacationing is a must.  The Montage Kapalua Bay is the epitome of combining luxury with the natural beauty that Maui has to offer. The Montage sits at the edge of Kapalua Bay.  Known for it’s abundant sea life, many locals and visitors alike regard Kapalua Bay as one of the premier destinations in Maui for snorkeling. 

Upon arriving at Montage Kapalua Bay we were greeted with warm towels, delicious pineapple and the warm friendly “Ohana” service Hawaii well known for.  We were upgraded to building number 1, which also doubles as a vacation residence.  Boasting 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a total of 3,417 square feet, access to our room included a personal elevator and Lanai bigger than most metropolitan apartments.  

Top of the line amenities were also provided such as a Bosch washer/dryer, Dyson vacuum, wine chiller and dishwasher.   Montage Kapalua Bay also has a 30,000 square foot 5 star rated Spa complete with facial, massage and fitness packages.  Most of the services are understandably pricey, but you can’t beat the view or service.  

Cane and Canoe is the main restaurant at the Montage.  Located in the middle of the property, the summer trade winds provided the perfect light breeze for dining on the patio.  The remarkable ambiance and modern design of Cane and Canoe perfectly complements its award winning menu.  The cuisine has traditional “island” flavors with a modern twist.  Most of the ingredients are local with seafood obviously playing a primary role in most dishes.  

Recommended Breakfast Items: Classic Ham Omelet & Hawaiian French Toast.   

Recommended Dinner Item:  12 oz Prime New York Strip Loin with a steamed lobster tail and Kauai Shrimp.  

Recommended Cocktail:  The traditional Pina Colada with a dark rum float.  

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Montage Kapalua Bay has a wide array of complimentary activities depending on season including Champagne hour, numerous fitness classes, coastal hikes, snorkeling, lei making, fish feeding, etc.  Snorkeling in Kapalua Bay was my family’s favorite activity.  The bay itself is public, however Montage guests receive complimentary beach chairs, towels, umbrellas and snorkel gear.  When entering the beach from Montage there is a welcome check in.  Guests can request their items for the day via the welcome hut.


The swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding area consists of a natural bay.  The water was calm and relatively shallow making it perfect for snorkeling.  We saw baby sea turtles, different species of saltwater fish such as the Naso Tang, Lavender Tang, Racoon Butterfly, Flembii Butterfly, Humu Rectangle Triggerfish, Convict Tang and Black Triggerfish.  

Note:  By law, there must be at least a 10 foot gap between any swimmer or snorkeler and sea turtles.  Green Sea Turtles are protected by law. Do not attempt to feed, touch or ride any sea turtle.  

I’m not sure there were Humu Rectangle triggers spawning close by, but there were a few that came uncharacteristically close.  I spoke with one of the locals after snorkeling, stating that if there are babies around they will become more aggressive. He also said that he has been bitten before by aggressive reef triggers defending their young and although extremely rare, proceed with caution. 

For those who want a relaxing day on land, there are two world class golf courses within walking distance; The Plantation course and the Bay course.  The Plantation course is a challenging par 73 7,411 yard course from the tips.  I managed to lose 20 golf balls at the Plantation trying to pretend that I knew how to golf. The Bay course has hosted numerous PGA and LPGA events.  I didn’t play this course, but some have said it’s actually a little easier due to it’s “gentle” fairways.  

If hustle and bustle is what you are looking for along with walking distance shopping, grocery stores, Starbucks and numerous restaurants, Kaanapali is more appropriate. Montage Kapalua Bay does however provide a peaceful and tranquil escape for those who require a more serene and calm environment with less people, but equally as fun.